Afternova Productions was established in the spring of 2021 with the intention of producing and releasing films and music. The label aspect of the brand focuses on premium symphonic and cinematic music; in particular emotional music with memorable melodies and themes. The label is a passion project with the goal of bringing joy and happiness to the world.

Afternova Music is a recording label that was established in 2015 as Afternova's main channel for releasing trance music. After 17 years in the scene Afternova has not changed his style and still remains true to what is considered as real trance. Afternova is renowned for releasing trance music where the melody is in focus. We will continue our mission in preserving the legacy of what real trance is all about: melody, atmosphere and energy. We do not concern ourselves with whether our tracks work in a club setting or not. We only care about quality music.

Afternova Music Logo